Who We Are—Key Personnel

Kinetics Geospatial is a woman-owned small business dedicated to providing the highest quality geospatial products and services for public and private sector customers. Founded in 2015, the mapping experts at Kinetics Geo are driven by the shared vision to leverage their collective knowledge, skills, and abilities to deliver the most effective solutions for geospatial and mapping projects across a spectrum of US markets.

The experience, expertise, and dedication of our staff, combined with cutting-edge mapping technologies and production methodologies allow us to maximize support for your project deliverables.

Patrick Robinson, CP

Mr. Robinson has twenty years of experience in the Geospatial Industry. He’s worked as both a manager and an analyst in the fields of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. Patrick has extensive expertise in LiDAR and ortho-image production, and directs and participates in day-to-day operations at Kinetics Geospatial.

Throughout his career, Patrick has been a key player in many successful geospatial projects executed for USGS, USDA, US Army Corps of Engineers, NOAA, and a multitude of State and Local government entities.

Bryan Blackburn, CP
Production Manager

Mr. Blackburn has thirty years of experience in the Geospatial Industry. He’s an expert in photogrammetry specializing in digital mapping, terrain modeling, stereo compilation, aerial triangulation, and GIS mapping.

Bryan is also an experienced production manager with skills in understanding project scope, initializing new projects, scheduling, and training new personnel.

Greg Jackson, CLT
Lead Geospatial Analyst

Mr. Jackson has ten years of experience in the Geospatial Industry, and has extensive knowledge in LiDAR, GIS, and ortho-image production. Greg has been the lead on many large LiDAR and Ortho-image projects for customer solutions including terrain analysis, hydrology, electric utilities and emergency management.

His broad range of experience also includes production on ortho-imagery workflows, including seamline editing and quality control of high resolution ortho-mosaics.

Allen Donahue
Project Manager / Geospatial Analyst

Mr. Donahue is relatively new to the Geospatial Industry, with two years of experience. However, he comes to us with a strong background and brings to our business over 10 years of experience in performing contract acquisition and Project Management services for large scale government contracts.

With a Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Allen has a proven track record of creating cost savings through multiple implementations of various quality assurance and quality improvement projects across a broad range of services.

Jason Mann
Geospatial Analyst / Developer

Mr. Mann has over eighteen years of successful experience in Photogrammetric, LiDAR, GIS, Mapping with recognized strengths in coordinate projections, data translation, software development and testing, problem-solving and trouble-shooting, GIS technical support, and planning/implementing proactive procedures and systems to alleviate potential problems.

Mr. Mann also has experience in project management with a strong working knowledge of GIS development and analysis.