Efficient, on-time acquisition of accurate, high-quality data is the foundation for any successful mapping project. Kinetics Geo combines an expert staff working with cutting-edge technology and acquisition resources designed to support our sensor systems for data collection. Combined with advanced production methodologies, Kinetics Geospatial delivers acquisition services that bring exceptional value to customers.


Kinetics Geo is partnered exclusively with Blue Aeronautics who owns and operates an upgraded Colemill Cessna 310 outfitted with avionics software and instrument packages recently updated to allow for precision aerial imagery and LiDAR data acquisition. Software, instrumentation, hardware, and sensor upgrades and updates to the aerial acquisition platforms have been implemented with the overarching goal of delivering the absolute best quality imagery, data, and derived products for our customers. Blue Aeronautics aircraft have installed the following systems:

Garmin GTN750 All-In-One Panel
Improves pilots’ ability to navigate more accurately and enhances flight crew safety by meeting upcoming FAA ADS-B requirements.

Garmin GMA345 Radio Panel
This instrumentation controls all in-cockpit radio and telephone functions and allows pilots to easily contact control towers or ground crews without the need to remove in-flight headsets. In addition, the system delivers instant replay for any communication via built-in digital voice recorders. These recorders function continuously and capture the last 60 seconds of voice traffic.

Dual G5 Electronic Gauges
These simplified cockpit gauges combine flight data that was previously scattered across multiple gauges. This delivers ease-of-use for pilots while simultaneously allowing the steam gauges to act as a backup set of instrumentation.

Flightstream 510
Flightstream 510 allows an iPad to be used as a secondary glass screen. Using this system, pilots can monitor acquisition flight plans without altering any of the main instrument displays. This helps deliver maximum safety for flight crews and ensures the aircraft acquisition flight plan is being flown effectively and accurately.

S-TEC3100 Autopilot System
S-TEC3100 assists with delivering the most precise flight plan possible. The S-TEC3100 autopilot ties into the entire flight plan system, performing step-by-step automated trim controls for ultra-stable flight.